Globalization in a Glass is published!

My book is out and available for purchase though the Bloomsbury Academic Publishing website and Amazon. This book is my first and was based on over a decade of research and writing with trips to archives across the world from Belize to South Africa to Germany and England. Through Globalization in a Glass: The Rise of Pilsner Beer through Technology, Taste, and Empire you will learn how, when, and why we have a global beer style – the light golden lager that is prevalent in every country in the world but only originated less than 200 years ago. It is a history of the modern world through the changes wrought by industrialization, scientific and technological advancements, and what it means to imbibe the tastes of modernity.

I was also recently interviewed for the New Books Network podcast about Globalization in a Glass where you can hear of the highlights of my book as well as the journeys and adventures it took to publish it. Enjoy and please leave reviews and let me know what you think!