Porter and the Industrial Revolution: Interview with Le Temps d’une Bière podcast

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by POB with Le Temps d’une Bière podcast for their first-ever English-language episode to talk about the history of the Porter and the English Industrial Revolution. We not only discussed the style of the Porter and its origins but also how taxation, urbanization, and exportation contributed to making Porter the beer-king of the day. I look forward to joining them again soon for more discussions!

Taverns and Temples: A Global Architectural History

As part of MIT’s Global Architectural History Teaching Collaborative with an Emerging Scholars Grant I recently completed the now-live teaching module, “Taverns and Temples: A Global Architectural History.” This module of four lectures traces the introduction and dissemination of alcoholic substances (beer, wine, spirits) and the spaces of consumption and production across the globe and offers a history of related architectural types (breweries, wineries, taverns, temples, etc.) and how they have changed over time. In addition, they examine the cultural and social factors of the rituals of brewing, feasting, and imbibing and how they connect people in spite of geographical distance. From ancient Mesopotamia and China to Incan chicha and American craft beer, these lectures (with supported teaching materials) offer a truly global look at the production and consumption of beer and other forms of alcohol.

Beer As Craft: Interview on Jay Talking on WBZ Newsradio

Sunday night/Monday morning I joined Bradley Jay and his show, Jay Talking on WBZ Newsradio 1030 AM to talk about the craft beer industry and the history of beer and brewing. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here: Beer As Craft

In addition, as a bit of bonus check out my interview, “The History of Beer and Empire” with the Breaking History Podcast from 2016. This was the pilot episode of Breaking History, a world history podcast by the graduate students of the History Department at Northeastern University in Boston, USA. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here: The History of Beer and Empire